Elitox ®️ – Mycotoxin Binder


Elitox®️ – Power-Mycotoxin Eliminator, with a combination of high quality antioxidants, including extra stabilized Vitamin C & natural occurring enzymes that benefits health and promotes a healthy digestion tract.

Elitox®️ is used to alleviate & counteract the negative effects of a wide range of mycotoxins in weeds, grass, grain and hay that can cause mycotoxicosis.

Elitox®️ combats mycotoxins produced by fungi that are toxic to animals in 3 ways, absorption of polar mycotoxins (Aflatoxins, Ochratoxins, Fumonisins), Enzymatic detoxification of non-polar mycotoxins (DON, T2, Zearalenone). Supports the natural defense mechanisms of the horse

*Note on Elitox®️; Elitox is a unique mycotoxin eliminator for use in all equine diets safe to use all year round. Elitox does not bind or degrade dietary micro-nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

May also help resolve or prevent; Ryegrass staggers, itchy skin, stringhalt, sunburn, photosensitivity, mud fever/greasy heel, rain scald, gut induced laminitis, head flicking, spooky or nervous behavior.

Equine Dose; 10-15g per day (½ Scoop)

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Weight 1.2 kg

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