Animal Homeopathy

What is Animal Homeopathy?

Founded by Samual Hahnemann in 1790, homeopathy comes from the Greek words for ‘like’ and ‘suffering’. The principle of animal homeopathy is that ‘like cures like’ and that giving a very small taste of the disease stimulates the body to heal itself.

What are the benefits of Animal Homeopathy?

Homeopathy works on restoring the body’s natural balance of any animal to bring about a complete healing or resolution of the condition. In homeopathy, dis-ease refers to the body being out of balance. Homeopathic remedies help restore this balance and address the condition safely and effectively and in many cases, will not return. If the correct remedy is chosen, the results can be startling.

Best of all, homeopathy is non-toxic, has no side effects and is completely safe for all animals such as horses, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, poultry, birds, wildlife, reptiles and more.

There are thousands of different homeopathic remedies that can help address any condition that does not require surgery.
What conditions are most often addressed with homeopathy?

  • Allergies and skin conditions such as itching
  • Laminitis and founder
  • Muscle injuries, wounds and back pain
  • Abscesses and drawing out foreign objects
  • Ulcers
  • Mud fever and greasy heal
  • Behavioural issues like separation anxiety or past trauma
  • Respiratory and sinus issues
  • Digestive issues such as diarrhoea, vomiting or constipation
  • Detox
  • Swelling
  • Arthritis
  • Organ disease and cancer

Homeopathic remedies are made from ingredients of animal, vegetable or mineral origin. They are prepared by a qualified practitioner through a process of sequential dilution and vigorous shaking. They are energised therapeutic tools that match the symptoms of the patient with the symptoms of the remedy. In the homeopathic care of animals, a diluted substance is given via the mouth or in drinking water.

How can Belinda help?

Belinda discovered Homeopathy at the age of thirteen when her family dog Blossom was cared for by a Homeopathic Practitioner. Since training in Animal Homeopathy in 2007, Belinda has addressed the concerns of hundreds of animal owners caring for pets, livestock and wildlife with amazing results. Belinda offers Homeopathic care for your animals through her mobile clinic in northern Tasmania. She is available for phone consultations and care Australia wide and remedies are sent via Australia Post. If you would like to book a consultation via phone or our mobile clinic, read our Frequently Asked Questions (Link to page) or contact Belinda below

Homeopathic Products

  • Colic Kit & Homeopathic Remedy

  • Laminitis & Founder Homeopathic Kit & refill remedies


For fast effective results for mud fever/greasy heal I recommend Homeopathic remedies and Belinda’s Loose Lick® supplement to keep this condition at bay. This very happy client was very impressed with the fast and long lasting results clearing up this horse’s mud fever issue.

Filly (Chloe) Mud fever/Greasy heal

Phoebe and our other dog and having huge plays, which I have not seen Phoebe do for a long time. She is obviously pain and stiffness free, and will now initiate big rough and tumble games and tug of war with the young dog. This is great, as she is now exercising the leg and hips, and the vet was very concerned about long term wasting of muscles. Thank you so much for Phoebe’s obvious improved well-being.


Phoebe – dog, Hobart TAS

Thank you so much Belinda for all your help with my horse with laminitis. He was just so sore and sick that you would just cry but within 3 hours on your homeopathic remedies he is back to his happy self and trotting around the paddock! I don’t know how you do it but keep up the good work as you work miracles! Thank you so much.

Lorraine Ralph

Homeopathic Phone Consult, QLD

I am extremely happy with Belinda’s prescribed homeopathic remedies and how great they work on my animals. Belinda always offers advice and suggests natural solutions to my animal’s problems. I like the fact that I can always contact Belinda quicker than the vet! I have grateful pets that are thankful for Belinda’s advice, products & services. I highly recommend her services.

Louisa Good

Miniature perlino colt (sunburn), TAS

Thank you for helping Honey with her skin condition. The improvement in such a short time has been absolutely amazing. Your prescribed drops were finished about a week ago, but we are continuing with Omega 3 Liquid and Ionic Silver in her nightly feeds. All the angry inflammation and itching has subsided and I am hoping that the redness, which is now more a pale pink, will continue to disappear over time. It is hardly noticeable now.

Thanks so much again for all your help.

Julia Vana

Honey (dog skin condition)

On behalf of my mare “Adi-Amon Ishika”, thank you, she is just doing beautifully (fully recovered from her laminitis). You were my last hope and truthfully having tried everything else, vet, chiro’s, I did not think homeopathy would work. But once again thank you (it did work fast). If I hear of anybody having a problem with founder I will be sending them straight to you.

Diana Chapman

Miniature pony – laminitis, Homeopathic Phone Consult, SA

We were very worried my ponies eye injury would cause him to go blind, but with the correct homeopathic remedies prescribed by Belinda he made a full recovery. I highly recommend trying homeopathic remedies

Miniature Pony Breeder

Miniature pony – eye injury, TAS

I am very happy with the quick results for my horse that was lame from swelling & heat in his leg. I would recommend your services to other animal owners.

Kylee Alan

Welsh Cob foal (swollen legs), Retreat, TAS -Homeopathic Home Consult

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