Laminitis & Founder Homeopathic Kit & refill remedies


Homeopathic remedies are very effective in addressing laminitis and founder. They rebalance the body and resolve the condition with no side effects and stimulate the body to fix itself. Addressing pain and inflammation naturally and safely.  Laminitis Preventive drops help the body stay in balance and ward off laminitis symptoms.

If your horse also has Cushing’s disease, this can be addressed & managed as well with Homeopathic Cushing’s remedies without the need for vet drugs. Talk to Belinda for natural solutions.

Please note; If your horse or pony is on vet drugs like bute or pergolide, they can be weaned of these and go onto the Homeopathic remedies after 3-4 days completely off the drugs. Unfortunately, the vet drugs cover up the symptoms and are not a cure, sometimes doing more harm than good – especially upsetting the gut. They block the body from healing and prevent the homeopathic remedies from doing their job.

How much will it cost? A lot less than a vet bill for sure!! The remedies are prescribed for your horse on a case by case basis. Please fill in the questions on the consult form (available after payment) about your horse’s current state and symptoms. Cost for the email consult including your Laminitis Kit: 2 x remedies, administrating kit and instructions & express postage is $130 inc gst and post Aus wide. NOTE First Time Users will need the FULL KIT, as this includes instructions and important info.

Extra remedies available, if needed at additional cost.

Your FULL kit includes two remedies;

Remedy 1: Homeopathic combo remedy to address Acute condition. For reducing heat in the hooves, bounding pulse and inflammation.

Remedy 1 is given on a ‘acute laminitis attack’ day one only. Dose given every 30min for 6 repeats – stop on improvement if this happens before the 6 doses (yes this can help fast).

Remedy 2; this is for day two onwards or for helping prevent laminitis in prone horses and ponies.

Remedy two if for pain, inflammation, hoof changes and laminitis symptoms including founder conditions (long term issues).

Remedy two is given 3-4 times a day depending on your horse’s symptoms Eg bad then 4 x per day, if still walking around but just sore 2 x day. Cut back in improvement- most cases improve in a few days, severe cases can take 5 days to two weeks for improvement.

Ongoing cut back to once a day till better (running around – yes this is correct). Then to help prevent laminitis give a dose 2 or 3 times a week or add a squirt to drinking water weekly.

For more info on management see Belinda’s Blog posts. Diet plan is also recommended.

Please not this kit does not replace emergency vet care nor make any claims.

Additional information


Full Laminitis Kit, Refill Remedies 1 & 2, Refill Remedy 2


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