Belinda’s Premium Loose Lick Supplements®

Belinda’s Premium Custom horse supplements are specially formulated for all Horses & Donkeys Australia wide custom made for your area or state.

Are you wanting one simple and affordable product that helps improve your horse or donkey’s overall health? Belinda’s Premium Loose Lick® Supplements provides essential vitamins, minerals, and salt to the animal as a free choice, waterproof, and ad-lib supplement. Our supplements are designed to be eaten when your animal chooses to, allowing them to precisely take the quantity they require. If you wish, you can add it to your horse’s feed too.

In the wild, horses seek out different plants, bark, soil, and herbs. However, when we restrict them to paddocks, they are unable to follow this natural instinct. Belinda’s Premium Loose Lick® horse supplements can fill the gaps lacking in your horse’s diet and provide them with the opportunity to take what they need.
Our horse supplements are suitable for all breeds, ages, pregnant mares, foals, stallions, and growing horses.


  • Weatherproof: Belinda’s Premium Loose Lick® Supplement is fed to your horse in a self-draining trough or container. Rain drains away and the Loose Lick remains, rather than dissolving or washing away which helps to save you money.
  • Precision feeding: Your horse takes only what it needs. Our supplement contains no molasses or fillers, so your horse or pony is not tempted to over-indulge in the supplement as a ‘treat’, meaning you can leave it out 24/7.
  • Cost effective: Without the temptation for your horse or pony to over-indulge, our Loose Lick Supplement is a far superior and cost-effective means of giving your animal the vital supplements it needs.
  • Quality: You can see the minerals, vitamins and salt in our Loose Lick Supplement and is blended correctly and precisely while being scientifically formulated by a nutritionist to balance out the diet in the correct ratios.
  • Customised: Belinda’s Premium Custom mixes have been formulated for your state’s conditions, soil & pasture deficiencies in your horse’s area. 

Reasons to make the switch

  • You currently feed your horse only hay or grass
  • Your feed shed looks like a laboratory or science lab
  • Your horse or pony is prone to laminitis, or is insulin resistant (unable to tolerate sugars or iron)
  • Your horse or pony exhibits nervous behavior
  • You’re using block and salt licks that dissolve in wet weather
  • You find other supplements don’t live up to the claims they make
  • Your horse or pony chews on trees and fences
  • Your horse’s coat is dull and lifeless or has sunburnt tips on a dark mane
  • Your horse has rain scald, mud fever, greasy heel, or sunburn
  • Your horse is having trouble holding weight, even though they have been wormed, their teeth have been checked and they are pain free

Check out the video below on the benefits and how to set up Belinda’s Premium WS Custom Loose Lick


Belinda’s Premium Loose Lick® supplement has helped thousands of horses, ponies and their owners resolve all of these issues. Results vary depending on how deficient in minerals your horse is, however you are welcome to contact us for individual and tailored advice.

Check out the daily dose rates table if you are adding BLL or BAM+ to your horses feed. Contact Belinda for customised advice.

Before BLL

After BLL

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Belinda’s Premium Loose Lick Custom Mix®

Note: for WA and SA orders over 4.5kg, please order through Elite Equine Essentials, Oakbank South Australia

For 20 kg bags of BLL and BAM + free pick up is available in Victoria from Dandenong by prior arrangement, contact Belinda to check availability.

The difference Belinda’s Loose Lick® has had on my horses is amazing, the Shetland pony is glowing, as well as my 28yr old warmblood. I highly recommend BLL to everyone! It’s changed my horses for the better…shiny coat, strong hooves, holding weight better – love it!

Monique Shaw


I love Belinda’s Loose Lick® supplement as I’ve had amazing results with both of my horses. It helped improve their coat and body condition all year round. I highly recommend Belinda’s products and services.

Caitlin Reid


Belinda’s Loose Lick® is an amazing product working from the inside & out. For a healthy coat and hooves – LOVE IT!

Josie Teale Aislie


I love Belinda’s Loose Lick® as it give the horses option to self medicate. Great for horses that do not get hard fed everyday, as they still have access to what they need.

GiNelle Stammers


I just wanted to thank you for the recommendations and supplements (arthritis kit and loose lick supplement) you sent me for my mare. In such a short time I have seen such a vast improvement in her overall condition, mental wellbeing and fluidity of movement. She is really enjoying being ridden again and is a much calmer and enjoyable horse to ride.

Jess Lewis-Shaw


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