Belinda’s Premium Loose Lick Supplements

 Belinda’s Premium Loose Lick Supplements – Weather Shield Custom Mixes are specially formulated for all Horses & Donkeys Australia wide.

Are you after a simple affordable solution for your horse or donkey’s good health?  Belinda’s Premium Loose Lick Supplements provides essential vitamins, minerals, and salt to the animal as a free choice/ad-lib supplement, eaten when the animal chooses, allowing them to precisely take the quantity they require. If you wish you can add it to your horse’s feed too.

In the wild horses seek out different plants, bark, soil, and herbs, when we restrict them to paddocks, they are unable to follow this natural instinct – Belinda’s Premium Loose Lick can fill the gaps lacking in your horse’s diet & gives them the opportunity to take what they need.

Suitable for all breeds, all ages, pregnant mares, foals, stallions, and growing horses. Make it so simple for all your horses they just need one supplement!

The Benefits

Weatherproof – Belinda’s Premium WS Loose Lick Supplement is fed to your horse in a self-draining trough or container. Rain drains away and the Loose Lick remains, rather than dissolving or washing away – saving you money.

Precision feeding – your horse takes only what it needs, and Belinda’s Loose Lick contains no molasses or fillers, so your horse or pony is not tempted to over-indulge in the supplement as a ‘treat’. You can leave out 24/7.

Cost effective – without the temptation for your horse or pony to over-indulge, Loose Lick Supplement is a far superior and cost-effective means of giving your animal the vital supplements it needs.

Quality – you can see the minerals, vitamins, and salt in Loose Lick Supplement – blended correctly and precisely and scientifically formulated by a nutritionist to balance out the diet in the correct ratios.

Customised – for your state and geographical region to give your equine the best guess of required vitamins and minerals missing in your area.

hoof changes healthy

Check out the video below on the benefits and How To set up Belinda’s Premium WS Custom Loose Lick;

Reasons to make the switch

  • You currently feed only hay or grass.
  • Your feed shed looks like a laboratory or science lab
  • Your horse or pony is prone to laminitis, or is insulin resistant (unable to tolerate sugars)
  • Your horse or pony exhibits nervous behavior
  • You’re using block and salt licks that dissolve in wet weather
  • You find other supplements don’t live up to the claims they make
  • Your horse or pony chews on trees and fences
  • Your horse’s coat is dull and lifeless or has sunburnt tips on a dark mane
  • Your horse has rain scald, mud fever, greasy heel, or sunburn
  • Your horse is having trouble holding weight (and teeth have been checked and horse has been wormed & pain free).
  • You would like to SAVE money and time & have a healthy shiny horse.

Belinda’s Premium Loose Lick supplement has helped thousands of horses, ponies and their owners resolve all these issues. Results vary depending on how deficient in minerals your horse is – you are welcome to contact Belinda Atkinson for individual advice.

You can add this supplement to your horses feed, if desired. You must also have it ad-lib to achieve the best result.

Check out the video on the difference between Belinda’s Loose Lick and Belinda’s Amazing Minerals Plus.

Check out the video below on the dose rates if you are adding BLL or BAM+ to your horses feed. Contact Belinda for customised advice.

Made in Australia and manufacture registered with the following regulators.

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What our customers say

“Belinda is an integral part of our team.  Making sure your horse is in top condition is multifaceted – including diet, mental health and well being, correct work, the right coach and physical therapy. Belinda’s Equine Touch consults are critical in ensuring Robbie is feeling and looking great as he trains through the grades in dressage and show jumping. Regular treatments result in a happy and loose moving horse who is coping with the rigors of increased collection. Belinda’s loose lick formula is also the staple supplement in all my horses diets from those competing to the paddock companions and has them looking fantastic all year round at a great price!”

Meg Archer – Westbury TAS
Successful Competitor in Dressage and Show jumping

“I love Belinda’s Loose lick so much!! Have been using BLL for 2 years now, with no hesitation that it is by far the best supplement on the market for my growing babies. All 3 foals love it and they are forever blooming and glowing!”        nAmy Morel, NSW

“I love Belinda’s Loose lick as it give the horses option to self medicate. Great for horses that do not get hard fed everyday, as they still have access to what they need.”  GiNelle Stammers, TAS

“My boy absolutely loves Belinda’s Loose lick. His coat looks and feels fantastic, he looks much happier and healthier. Very impressed with BLL. Would 100% recommend for anyone to try. Guaranteed you will not go back!” Lolly Goldsmith, QLD

“Belinda’s Loose lick is an amazing! product working from the inside & out. For a healthy coat and hooves – LOVE IT!”
Josie Teale Aislie, QLD

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