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Keep your dog happy with Belinda’s dog health products

Are you wanting a natural and safe product for your dog’s nutrition, puppy, cat or kitten? Our Dog Health Supplement is the perfect solution for your pet.  When your dog eats processed foods, it’s like eating junk food everyday! That’s why we believe that a natural, raw diet that is nutrient rich is the best option for your dog.

A dog’s feeding requirement is affected by age, neutering status, physiological status such as growth, gestation and lactation, physical activity, environmental temperature as well as underlying abnormalities.

It’s important to remember that not one amount of food suits all dogs and you should adjust the amount depending on your dog’s size and body condition. For example, an active border collie needs more food than a lazy labrador!

There are many reasons to make the switch to our Dog Health Supplement.

Joint issues are common amongst dogs such as stiffness when they stand up or exercise, or arthritis. These issues can be addressed with Belinda’s Dog Senior Joint Mix:

What are the benefits of our joint mix?

    • A natural alternative to drugs
    • Helps to warm the joints
    • Glucosamine helps to repair the damaged joint
    • MSM helps to reduce joint inflammation and swelling

    • Helps improve skin condition

What are the benefits of Belinda’s ® Canine Health Supplement? 

    • Reduces the likelihood of regular health problems
    • Improves the condition of their coat
    • Boosts their immune system so they can fight off illnesses
    • May increase life expectancy by up to 3 years, who doesn’t want to spend more time with their dog!
    • Less vet bills

So what is included in a dog diet plan?

Just like food needs to be adjusted for dogs, so do diet plans. That’s why Belinda creates individual, personalised diet plans that are tailored to your dog’s nutrition. Our diet plans also offer diet suggestions specific to your dog along with natural supplement suggestions.

Click here for your diet plan form.

Nutrition Products

Thanks Belinda, Phoebe and the other dog are having huge plays, which I have not seen Phoebe do for a long time. We all send you blessings and thanks. While I am enormously grateful for her improvement/cure I have to say she and the younger dog are wrecking the place as Phoebe is obviously pain and stiffness free and will now not only engage but initiate big rough and tumble and tug of war games with the younger dog. This is great as she is now exercising the leg and hips (the vet was concerned re long term wasting of muscles). Thank you so much for Phoebes obvious improved and wellbeing.

Megan Handly

Hobart, TAS

Thank you for helping our dog, Honey with her skin condition. The improvement in such a short time has been absolutely amazing. Your prescribed drops were finished about a week ago, but we are continuing with Omega 3 Liquid and Ionic Silver in her nightly feeds. All the angry inflammation and itching has subsided and I am hoping that the redness, which is now more a pale pink, will continue to disappear over time. It is hardly noticeable now. Thanks so much again for all your help.

Julia Vana

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