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Horse with muscle injury recovers quickly

A bay Welsh Cob broodmare. 11 years old.


Tiffany had a muscle injury in her front left leg sustained when running in the paddock. She was unable to put weight on the leg, was using three legs to move around, and was in significant pain. Tiffany was in foal so it was imperative that the problem be resolved. 


Equine Touch was given three days in a row, in conjunction with homeopathic remedies. Tiffany improved rapidly, and by the fourth day was galloping around the paddock bucking and kicking in play. It was plain to see she had made an excellent recovery in just three days – an outstanding and surprising result after such a significant injury.

Billy, horse with Muscle issues


This gelding had poor circulation and muscle tone. He had sacroiliac and nerve pain in his back, causing him to buck when ridden. His coat was also dull and flat.


The day after Billy’s Equine Touch session, the client sent me a photo, as she was so impressed with the change. Equine Touch increased circulation and released the traumatised muscles allowing Billy’s rump to recover overnight. The dramatic improvement continued over two further Equine Touch sessions until Billy was a different horse, and had stopped bucking entirely.

Princess could not pick up her legs

Grey Appaloosa mare. 28 years old and retired.


Princess was unable to pick up either of her front feet for cleaning and trimming and could not put weight on her back legs. Her posture looked uncomfortable and she misbehaved due to pain. He body was compensating for many issues going on and she was in need of Equine Touch body work.


After just one session of the Equine Touch, Princess was able to pick up her front feet and appeared pain free. After the session, she galloped off into the paddock bucking and kicking like a 2 year old – vastly different from her usual sedate walk. After the second Equine Touch Session Princess’s posture had improved and she was much easier to handle. Happier horse and she can live a comfortable life.

Charlie pain issues resolved

Standard bred bay gelding, eleven years old. A former pacer now used for trail riding.


Charlie had behaviour and temperament problems which it was thought were due to pain.


After two Equine Touch sessions his behaviour and temperament improved immensely and Charlie was easy to handle and quieter to ride.

Zhaan, endurance horse with body issues

A ten year old chestnut Arab cross gelding and successful endurance horse. 


Zhaan was crabbing when being ridden, was reluctant to canter on a left lead and appeared to have sciatic pain in his spine. These problems had been occurring for a few weeks.


Zhaan improved significantly after just one Equine Touch session, able to canter freely on a left lead. After the third session his sciatic pain now appeared to be gone, and he was observed doing body stretches in the paddock – something he never did before being given Equine Touch. 

Robbie, Equine Touch addict

“Belinda is an integral part of our team.  Making sure your horse is in top condition is multifaceted – including diet, mental health and wellbeing, correct work, the right coach and physical therapy.  As the owner of a thin skinned and hot blooded chestnut, I regard Belinda’s Equine Touch consults as critical in ensuring Robbie is feeling and looking great, as he trains through the grades in dressage and show jumping, which places strain on his connective tissue and muscle structures.  Regular treatments result in a happy and loose moving horse who is coping with the rigors of increased collection. Belinda’s loose lick formula is also the staple supplement in all my horses’ diets, from those competing to the paddock companions and has them looking fantastic all year round at a great price!”

Meg Archer, Westbury, Tasmania 
Award Winning Competitor in Dressage and Show jumping

Harmony, Laminitis recovery


Harmony had a severe case of laminitis and was in a great deal of pain and discomfort. It was her second experience of laminitis. Under veterinary care for two to three months, she was being treated with phenylbutazone for pain relief. 

Harmony was struggling to move, and was standing under herself in an attempt to alleviate the pain, her head hung low, and her coat was rough, dull and scruffy. Her owner had not seen her trot or canter for many months and, desperate to relieve Harmony’s pain, was considering putting her down.


Belinda addressed Harmony’s pain with an Equine Touch session and Homeopathic Mag Phos given twice daily. During the first Equine Touch session Harmony was clearly in pain in her hindquarters, shoulder, neck and back – her whole body was out of balance. On the second day she appeared brighter and walked better; a further Equine Touch session was given to reduce her pain further. By the third day Harmony was able to go on light walks from the stable, and trotted for the first time in months. Her posture had changed and her energy was increased. Her coat had changed colour, shone brightly and felt softer. During the third Equine Touch session Harmony showed no signs of pain. On the fourth day after care with Equine Touch began, Harmony walked, trotted and cantered and bucked at will – a different horse entirely. 

Bindy (horse) had floating issues

Bindy has had a pull back and floating injury – causing sacrum issues and muscle atrophy. The Equine Touch consults Belinda preformed on her have improved her so that she can be ridden again and the top line and muscle atrophy was improved.
Regular ET  consults are helping her keep her top line looking good.
The day after this gelding’s Equine Touch consult, his traumatised tight muscles had released and softened. You can see the shape difference in his hind end.

Equine Touch, gets results

Ed was very tight and sore, you can see by the before photo – he was like a tight elastic band.
You can see by the after photo how he improved by the end of the 45min Equine Touch session.
Belinda can help your horse too!
Ed is having regular Equine Touch sessions every two weeks, to keep him performing at his best.