Newborn Foal with contracted tendons


This foal was born with badly contracted tendons in both front and rear legs. She was unable to stand without assistance when born and once up, her rear feet collapsed forwards when she walked.


The foal was given homeopathic Arnica 6C twice a day, and five milligrams of cod liver oil by mouth once daily.  This condition is caused by a lack of vitamin A & D in the mare’s diet, so she too was fed extra cod liver oil. The foal improved by the second day and presented normally by the third. 
NOTE: Since we have been using Belinda’s Premium WS Loose lick we no longer have this problem in our foals.

“It’s amazing how fast Belinda’s natural remedies helped this condition, along with correct feeding and vitamins and minerals. Since using Belinda’s Custom Loose Lick this we have had healthy foals and no more contracted tendons. Belinda can help you have happy healthy horses too.”

Scolinda Stud, Manager