Robbie, Equine Touch addict

“Belinda is an integral part of our team.  Making sure your horse is in top condition is multifaceted – including diet, mental health and wellbeing, correct work, the right coach and physical therapy.  As the owner of a thin skinned and hot blooded chestnut, I regard Belinda’s Equine Touch consults as critical in ensuring Robbie is feeling and looking great, as he trains through the grades in dressage and show jumping, which places strain on his connective tissue and muscle structures.  Regular treatments result in a happy and loose moving horse who is coping with the rigors of increased collection. Belinda’s loose lick formula is also the staple supplement in all my horses’ diets, from those competing to the paddock companions and has them looking fantastic all year round at a great price!”

Meg Archer, Westbury, Tasmania 
Award Winning Competitor in Dressage and Show jumping