Mycotoxin Binders and why we use Elitox

Mycotoxin Binders and why we use Elitox

Pasture-based toxins are a common issue faced by horse owners, particularly those with horses that graze in pastures or fields. These toxins can cause a range of health issues for horses, including colic, laminitis, and other digestive problems. To prevent these...
Feeding the ‘Good Doer’

Feeding the ‘Good Doer’

For all the horse owners that have ponies or miniatures that you struggle to keep the weight off then this information is for you. With over 22 + years’ experience in owning and breeding show quality miniature ponies & horses and Welsh cobs I have learnt so much...

Newborn Foal with contracted tendons

Presentation  This foal was born with badly contracted tendons in both front and rear legs. She was unable to stand without assistance when born and once up, her rear feet collapsed forwards when she walked. Care The foal was given homeopathic Arnica 6C twice a day,...

Billy, horse with Muscle issues

Presentation  This gelding had poor circulation and muscle tone. He had sacroiliac and nerve pain in his back, causing him to buck when ridden. His coat was also dull and flat. Care The day after Billy’s Equine Touch session, the client sent me a photo, as she...
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