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Natural Remedies and Care for a Horse with Laminitis or Founder

Nelly recovering

Nelly recovering well after homeopathic remedies, farrier work and WS Loose Lick supplement.

Nelly Before Homeopathic care - on vet drugs

Nelly Before Homeopathic care – on vet drugs

What you can do for your horse?

There are a number of measures you can take and natural forms of care on offer for a horse or pony with laminitis.

Laminitis can be effectively resolved and/or prevented with homeopathic remedies, as prescribed by an Animal Homeopath. Call me to get your consult form today!

It is important to ensure you have your horse’s teeth checked by a qualified equine dentist on a regular basis and hooves trimmed correctly as required. This will ensure your horse is ‘balanced’ – most health issues arise when your horse is not in balance.

Cut down on fertilisers – Superphosphate ‘ties up’ the magnesium in the soil, so avoid using it in your pastures. Laminitic horses are characteristically deficient in magnesium.

Note on Bute (Butazolidin)

As you may be aware, many vets prescribe ‘bute’ for a horse with laminitis. This ‘masks’ the pain and the horse may appear better, but unfortunately Bute may also block the body’s heailng process, preventing a true long term cure. Long term use of Bute may cause other problems; it can weaken blood vessels causing internal haemorrhaging. Your horse MUST be off bute for 3-4 days before starting homeopathic drops as they may stop the drops from working.

Nelly’s Founder recovery


This mare has severe laminitis and pressure sores from spending 22 hours a day on the ground. She also had sole abscesses that were very painful. Nelly was under vet care and the pain relief helped for a week or two, then she went down hill. If they could not find a solution, she would have to be put to sleep.  Their vet had heard for my success with helping laminitis horses and gave me a call to see if I could help. I was so happy the vet was happy to go along with my advice and recommendation.


Under the vet’s instruction the mare was taken off the pain relief 3 days before starting the homeopathic remedies. Within 24 hours Nelly showed improvement getting up and shuffling around eating.

As the days went on she continued to improve. A farrier trimmed her feet every  4 weeks.

She went from lying down for 22 hours a day to only 16 hours a day and this reduced over the next few weeks. Her carers applied Ionic silver to her wounds twice a day to help them heal.

With this case we had to change and try a few different combinations to help clear the hoof abscesses and for pain relief till the hooves grew out.

Now 3 months later she is back to normal, only lying down twice a day and happily grazing the rest of the time. Her carers are so happy with the result, as they love her so much.

“Good Morning Belinda, 

Well what progress we have had with Nelly. Thank you for those Pain Eze drops. They worked well for Nelly and gave her a little extra comfort. Nelly is coming along fantastic. She is so mobile now and nearly back to being a normal horse. Her time on her feet has extended out to only lying down twice a day !!!! She no longer feeds and lies down,  she now stands after she feeds 🙂 

Her hooves are growing out well. Steve is trimming them short and we are still 3 months or so away from being fully grown out, but every week we see progress.

 Nelly is still on the skinny side, however she is feeding well and her bowls are normal and she eats her  Maxi soy on its own. I’ve also been giving her Flaxseed oil every second day. 

Her coat is shiny and she is happy. She desperately wants to be out with our other horses but we still feel she is still too weak to be with them. The last thing we need is for her to be picked on. 

All her wounds have cleared up as you can see by the picture.

Thanks again for all your help. We have been talking with our Vet Sandy and keeping her in the loop with Nelly’s progress.”  

Steve & Jo – Central QLD