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Tasmania's own premium custom waterproof loose lick that contains essential vitamins, minerals and salts for your Equine companions. TASMANIAN ORDERS ONLY> for other states select applicable tab for your states custom loose lick.

Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplement - Belinda's Premium Custom TAS Mix is specially formulated for horses and ponies located in Tasmania.

Very economical all in one Equine Vitamin & Mineral supplement that gets amazing results.

Weather-resistant vitamin & mineral loose lick specifically formulated for horses & ponies. Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplements provide essential salt & other vital minerals and vitamins to the animal as a free choice supplement, allowing the animal to consume to their requirements according to their individual needs. Loose Lick can also be added to feed as a economical Premium Vitamin & Mineral Feed supplement. No need to add extra salt or other vitamins or minerals* - it's all in the loose lick! Save time and money.

Benefits included; - weather-proof ; when fed out in self draining troughs, its water sheading qualities make it ideal for open grazing situations. Cost effective; Where traditional molasses blocks provide little more than a 'treat' value, having Weather Shield Loose Lick allows the animal to consume their requirements according to their individual needs. Visual; You can see that the vitamins are blended correctly for stock utilisation. Customised; for horses grazing on cool climate grasses in TAS & VIC, with extra calcium, magnesium, biotin, iodine, selenium, sulphur, vitamin B1 copper, zinc & Natural vitamin E plus added boron.**

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