Vitamin C – Sodium Ascorbate


Sodium ascorbate Vitamin C Powder – Sodium ascorbate (human grade), non acidic and is a form of vitamin C that can be given to animals as a supplement. It has several benefits for animals health, such as:

– It boosts the immune system and helps fight infections.
– It acts as an antioxidant and protects the cells from oxidative damage.
– It supports the production of collagen and other connective tissues, which are important for wound healing and joint health.
– It aids in the absorption of iron and other minerals, which are essential for blood formation and metabolism.

Natural antioxidant and boost the immune system. Suitable for arthritis, hip dysplasia, laminitis, founder, infections, colds and flu, cancer, any illness or disease.

May assist in the maintenance and repair of joints and joint cartilage, synthesis of collagen, other joint components and in the healing and repair of wounds.

Sodium ascorbate can be added to the horse’s feed or water, or administered intravenously by a veterinarian. The recommended dosage depends on the horse’s weight, age, health condition and activity level.

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