Postbiotic Gut Health (contains Diamond V XPC / TruEquine)


Postbiotic (known as TruEquine – formally Diamond V XPC) is a horse feed additive that works with the biology of the horse to support immune function and digestive health. It is made from fermented microorganisms and their components, which are called postbiotics.

Postbiotics can help maintain a healthy hindgut microbiome, soothe the stomach, and support joint health and mobility. This Postbiotic is suitable for all ages and levels of horses, from equine athletes to senior horses. It is a natural product that does not contain any live bacteria or GMOs. Postbiotic (known as TruEquine) is based on Diamond V’s fermentation technology, which has been researched and proven for nearly 80 years. Older horses, laminitis ponies & sick animals may benefit from this product.

Suitable for all animals; horses, cattle, dogs, cats, livestock; pigs, sheep

Dosage rate is 14g per 500kg animal per day. Highly concentrated


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