2 x Tyre Rubber Tub – 11ltr Self- draining & Incl POSTAGE AUS wide


For customers not in Tasmania – this product includes 2 x small self draining tubs & 5kg postage satchel (max 2 tubs per satchel). Please Note; these will be posted from Tassie & may not arrive at the same time as BLL or BAM+. 

Great deal for mainland orders, two self draining tubs – you can use one per paddock or horse to put out your Loose Lick supplement or use as a feed tub.

Self-draining rubber troughs with handles, flexible and strong, easy to handle and can be attached to a fence. Heavy duty tyre rubber won’t degrade in sunlight, crack in frost or be blown around by wind. Can be rolled on by animals without causing harm – or breaking! Suitable for feeding the WS Loose Lick supplement ad lib. Also available without holes as great feed troughs. Suitable for horses and ponies, cattle, alpacas, sheep, goats and more.

*When your order arrives, unpack and then wash with warm water and sit in the sun for a day or two before using.

Size of 11ltr small tub; height 14cm, width 41cm, weight 1.3kg.

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