Equine Touch Specialist

equine-touch-1Equine Touch is the hands-on care of a horse or pony to address musculoskeletal problems or injuries. It is a form of non-invasive bodywork which uses gentle vibrational movements over soft tissue to encourage natural healing and bring about rebalance in the body.
First developed by Jock and Ivana Ruddock in Scotland in 1997, Equine Touch Bodywork is now practised by vets and equine therapists the world over.
Equine Touch can be performed on horses of any age and size, from a miniature pony to a Clydesdale, and is suitable for pregnant mares. Racing and dressage horses, performance and endurance, pleasure and show horses all benefit from Equine Touch, as it effectively relieves pain and stress which might in turn affect performance.

An Experienced Equine Specialist

Belinda Atkinson is an equine specialist and has been caring for horses, wildlife and pets for her own family and through her business, Belinda’s Natural Animal Therapy, for some 25 years. She qualified as an Equine Touch Practitioner in 2008 and has helped hundreds of horses at her own stud, and for clients.
Besides caring for your horse through Equine Touch, Belinda can identify many other factors which may affect your horse’s health, behaviour or performance.

  • Saddle fitting
  • Rider’s balance
  • Teeth care
  • Hoof care

It’s vital to consider all aspects of care which may be causing pain or discomfort, and Belinda has many years of experience in applying this holistic approach – allowing you and your horse many years of health and well-being, performance and pleasure.

The Benefits of Equine Touch

  • Deep relaxation
  • Physical release for hypertonic and traumatised muscles
  • Enhanced muscle recovery after injury or atrophy
  • Reduction in pain
  • Improved circulation and lymph drainage

Equine Touch is compatible with many other forms of natural therapy including Animal Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, chiropractic work, Aromatherapy oils and acupuncture.

To book your Equine Touch specialist consultation with our mobile clinic in northern Tasmania, or to simply find out more, please contact Belinda on the details found on our contact page. You are welcome to leave a message if I’m not available to answer your call in person.


Hey Belinda, Kayla rode Duke for the first time since you have been working on him and wow! He was totally different horse, no pigging rooting or anything.
Thanks so much!

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