Jill Moody

“Hi Belinda, I just wanted to give you some positive feedback on the use of the vitamin E & Selenium powder for our little Mellie. The farrier came the other day and commented on how much of an improvement he now has in his hind legs. Before, he was difficult to trim on the back legs owing to muscular tightness and discomfort. He was no problem this time, and is now standing upright again. His back feet look normal! A miracle. The barefoot blacksmith expert who looked at him a couple of months ago indicated that his problem would only get worse, and that he would be lucky to last many more years. That prediction was what motivated me to contact you, and I am so glad I did. He is so much happier in himself, and it is great to see him cantering around again and being cheeky. Thank you for your invaluable help.”

Best wishes,
Jill Moody – VIC