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Sarah Bentley

“The difference Belinda’s Amazing Minerals Plus has made to my new horse is just amazing! Weight gain, healthy shiny coat and a happier horse. Try it for yourself, save money on horse feed too with better feed conversion.” Sarah Bentley, TAS

Annie Wagner

“Belinda’s Loose lick removed my horses severe thrush completely, helped him gain weight and muscle and made his colour darker and incredibly shiny! Won’t use anything else!” Annie Wagner, QLD

GiNelle Stammers

“I love Belinda’s Loose lick as it give the horses option to self medicate. Great for horses that do not get hard fed everyday, as they still have access to what they need.”  GiNelle Stammers, TAS

Amy Morel

“I love Belinda’s Loose lick so much!! Have been using BLL for 2 years now, with no hesitation that it is by far the best supplement on the market for my growing babies. All 3 foals love it and they are forever blooming and glowing!”        nAmy Morel, NSW

Lolly Goldsmith

“My boy absolutely loves Belinda’s Loose lick. His coat looks and feels fantastic, he looks much happier and healthier. Very impressed with BLL. Would 100% recommend for anyone to try. Guaranteed you will not go back!” Lolly Goldsmith, QLD

Don Johnson

“100% improvement!! Very happy to have a ‘new horse’ after my horses first Equine Touch consult with Belinda. She is now moving faster and smoother out of rides, happier in herself and now calls out to me. Super pleased with the Results. Turned a non believer to a believer in Equine Touch. Just try ET!” Don Johnson, Bridport TAS

Monique Shaw

“The difference Belinda’s Loose lick has had on my horses is amazing, the Shetland pony is glowing, as well as my 28yr old warmblood. I highly recommend BLL to everyone! Its changed my horses for the better…shiny coat, strong hooves, holding weight better – love it! ” Monique Shaw, QLD

Caitlin Reid

“I love Belinda’s Loose lick supplement as I’ve had amazing results with both of my horses. It helped improve their coat and body condition all year round. I highly recommend Belinda’s products and services.”  Caitlin Reid

Josie Teale Aislie

“Belinda’s Loose lick is an amazing! product working from the inside & out. For a healthy coat and hooves – LOVE IT!”
Josie Teale Aislie, QLD

Eva Victoria

“My horse is looking amazing on Belinda’s Custom Loose lick! Her coat is positively glistening! The shine on her winter coat is just amazing! “

Thank you, Eva

VIC Australia