Belinda’s Amazing Minerals Plus

Are you after AMAZING results in your horses overall health? Sick of adding extra salt, toxin binder or prebiotics to your horses feed – why not make it simple!! Belinda’s Amazing Minerals Plus is a ‘all in one’ product to save you time and money.

One dose, one product, suitable for all horses all year round & extremely palatable (even to the fussy ones will eat it).

Suitable for broodmares, stallions, foals & growing horses.

Balanced, Easy to use, Economical, Time saving & Amazing Results!

Provides your horse with a custom-made vitamin, mineral & salt supplement to be added to feed (not waterproof like the Loose Lick). Keep your horse healthy with the added benefit of Elitox ® to help alleviate your horse of mycotoxins along with improving gut health and improves nutrient availability with added Diamond V XPC ®. Great for growing or older horses that need help with nutrient digestibility & gut health.

Suitable for all Equines as an everyday feed supplement, may also help prevent or resolve;

* Hoof issues * Laminitis *IBS * Mud fever * Rain scald * Itchy Skin * Stringhalt * Scouring *Sunburn & photosensitivity * Ryegrass staggers * Balance the diet * promote a healthy shiny horse!

Belinda’s Amazing Minerals Plus contains Elitox ® Power-mycotoxin Eliminator with high quality antioxidants & vitamin C (Elitox does not bind vitamins and minerals like other toxin binders can). Diamond V XPC® fermented yeast culture, prebiotic for gut health. Also provides Vitamins & minerals to balance your horses diet (A-Z): Biotin, Boron, Calcium, Copper, Folic Acid, Iodine, Magnesium, Manganese, Niacin B3, Phosphorus, Salt, Selenium, Sulphur, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E & Zinc.

*Note on Elitox; Elitox is a unique combination mycotoxin eliminator for use in all equine diets safe to use all year round. Elitox has been shown & studied that it will not bind or degrade dietary micro-nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Ingredients promote and benefit a healthy digestive tract. 

BAM + is not waterproof & does not contain molasses, no added Iron or cobalt (BAM+ is suitable for racehorses). BAM+ is designed for horse owners that want to add their health supplement to feed.

Look at the amazing results on BAM+, try it for yourself and see the results!!

Look at the results on BAM+






Above before BAM+ Equine Health Supplement

Check out the below video on the difference between Belinda’s Amazing Minerals plus and Belinda’s Premium WS Loose Lick Supplement;
Check out the video below on the correct dose rates for Belinda’s Amazing Minerals Plus and Belinda’s Premium WS Loose Lick;

You can also offer Belinda’s Premium Custom Weather Shield Loose Lick free choice in the paddock, if the horse decides it requires more than what you are giving in feed.

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What our customers say

“The difference Belinda’s Amazing Minerals Plus has made to my new horse is just amazing! Weight gain, healthy shiny coat and a happier horse. Try it for yourself, save money on horse feed too with better feed conversion.” Sarah Bentley, TAS

“Ponies are much happier & less spook on BAM+!  I’ve got them on Belinda’s premium Custom weather shield loose lick free choice, and have been using your new one, Belinda’s Amazing Minerals Plus, for about a month in feed. Very happy with the new product (BAM+), ponies shinier and I have noticed a big improvement with pink skin and little hairs are growing back and looks less sore and irritated! Also, considering the relentlessly wet winter we have had, their hooves and frogs have pulled up relatively well, surprisingly! Very happy, glad a made the switch, not only for my ponies but my hip pocket as well! Thank you so much.”

Bec Cooper, VIC Australia