Why feed your dog a Natural Raw Diet?

Dogs are omnivores and are designed to eat a balanced raw meat diet with vegetables and fruit. Feeding dogs one food group like all meat or all vegetables creates imbalances and can contribute to illnesses. A safe diet is a balance of different raw meats (beef, chicken, lamb etc), raw bones, fish, suitable vegetables, grains etc (what you would find in the gut of a bird or animal they would eat in the wild) & can be fed along with a Suitable Canine Health Supplement.

Canine Health Products

For a natural diet, it’s recommended to avoid all processed commercial dog feeds, as its like eating junk food everyday – its not good for humans or dogs. Protein requirement of feed is 22% for growth and reproduction and 18% for adult dogs.
A dogs feed requirement is affected by age, neutering status, physiologic status (growth, gestation, lactation, etc), physical activity, environmental temperature, and any underlying abnormalities. Not one amount of feed suits all, amount of feed is adjusted depending on the dog’s size and body condition. For example, an active border collie needs more feed than a lazy Labrador.
Please contact Belinda for a balanced Natural Raw Diet plan for your canine or click here for payment and form.

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