Tips and Instructions for using Belinda’s Custom Weather Shield Loose Lick

Here are some tips and hints on how to get the most from your Weather Shield Loose Lick Custom Mix – so that you too can have a horse with a coat like this!
We recommend you make your Loose Lick Custom Mix available as a free choice feed in the paddock or yard. Place one to two cups per horse in a self-draining tub. When wet, Loose Lick repels water as long as it can drain away.
Top up the Loose Lick daily as required. Carry a small bucket or container with you when feeding or checking horses.
Make sure the lick is always available so your horse does not ‘gorge’ when offered it. If the tub fills with water, tip the water out – Loose Lick will dry out and crust over; remove the crust and the lick underneath will be dry. Make more or bigger holes in your feeding trough or tub (at the side or the edge, not in the bottom) as water simply runs over Loose Lick, not through it.
Please note your horse may take a large amount to start with, never fear they will not overdose on any of the minerals. The horse is just making up for past deficiency’s & should ease off after a week or two.
Remove any other salt or salt licks from your horses diet when offering the loose lick ad-lib.
Here’s a reminder of how much you should be using:
Loose Lick feeding table - small
For more information on Belinda’s Weather Shield Loose Lick Custom Mix and hardwearing feed tubs, visit our Loose Lick Supplements page.

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