Dog with ligament damage

A German Shepard dog with suspected arthritis in her right knee, crucial instability and ligament damage. 
Phoebe showed signs of pain and restricted movement in her front right leg for seven months. After resting she could not bear weight on that paw. The vet recommended surgery but Phoebe’s owner did not want to go down that path. The homeopathic remedy, Rhus Tox 6c, was given twice a day for five days. Phoebe’s condition improved and she appeared a lot brighter in herself. The remedy was then given once a day for 7 days, followed by a higher potency (200c) twice a week, then once a week and as required. Phoebe’s owner added Vitamin C to the dog’s food to assist with any ligament damage and reduce arthritic pain.

“Phoebe and our other dog and having huge plays, which I have not seen Phoebe do for a long time. She is obviously pain and stiffness free, and will now initiate big rough and tumble games and tug of war with the young dog. This is great, as she is now exercising the leg and hips, and the vet was very concerned about long term wasting of muscles. Thank you so much for Phoebe’s obvious improved well-being.” 

Megan, Hobart 

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