Harmony, Laminitis recovery


Harmony had a severe case of laminitis and was in a great deal of pain and discomfort. It was her second experience of laminitis. Under veterinary care for two to three months, she was being treated with phenylbutazone for pain relief. 
Harmony was struggling to move, and was standing under herself in an attempt to alleviate the pain, her head hung low, and her coat was rough, dull and scruffy. Her owner had not seen her trot or canter for many months and, desperate to relieve Harmony’s pain, was considering putting her down.


Belinda addressed Harmony’s pain with an Equine Touch session and Homeopathic Mag Phos given twice daily. During the first Equine Touch session Harmony was clearly in pain in her hindquarters, shoulder, neck and back – her whole body was out of balance. On the second day she appeared brighter and walked better; a further Equine Touch session was given to reduce her pain further. By the third day Harmony was able to go on light walks from the stable, and trotted for the first time in months. Her posture had changed and her energy was increased. Her coat had changed colour, shone brightly and felt softer. During the third Equine Touch session Harmony showed no signs of pain. On the fourth day after care with Equine Touch began, Harmony walked, trotted and cantered and bucked at will – a different horse entirely. 

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